Membership in our club is broken into three categories for purposes of dues: Life Members, Working Members, and Non-working Members. Life Members pay dues only to the national Izaak Walton League ($55), if applicable. Working Members are entitled to a reduced dues rate of $77. Non-working Members pay the full due rate of $242.

To qualify as a Working Member, one must either contribute 25 hours of service to the club during the year or act as a club officer or committee chair. While the number of officers and committee chairs in the club is limited, there are numerous opportunities to get your 25 hours of service in.

All Working and Non-working Members are required to work 8 hours each year on specific projects as identified and listed by the club on the website, in the newsletter or posted at the club house. These 8 hours are in addition to the 25 hours that Working Members complete, giving Working Members a total of 33 service hours per year. Failure to the complete the 8 mandatory hours will result in an assessment of $150 to be paid with the next dues payment.

As a prerequisite to voting, all members are required to attend at least 4 regularly scheduled club meetings during each calendar year. If a member does not satisfy this requirement, the member may not vote on any matters coming before the club in the subsequent calendar year.

Members are allowed to bring guests to the range with them but are responsible for their conduct at all times.


The Mt. Airy Chapter of the IWLA meets at 7:30 p.m. on the last Monday of the month at its clubhouse at the intersection of Woodville Road and Shirley Bohn Road, northwest of Mt. Airy, MD. We have over 200 members. To become a member you must have a sponser, be at least 18 years old and come to a regularly scheduled meeting to turn in a completed application form and a check for $242. The application form can be obtained at the meeting or you can download it here , or see the file listed below. At the beginning of the meeting, you will introduce yourself and explain why you want to join the club.

The vote on the application will take place at the next monthly meeting and you will be notified regarding your acceptance. If accepted, you will then attend a 3 hour orientation, usually the second Saturday after that meeting, to review our Standard Range Operating Procedures, sign an acknowledgment form, and receive your Range Badge. It takes about 1 ½ months to become a 'shooting' member.

Range Officers

The Mt. Airy Chapter, IWLA, has three kinds of range officers: range officer, certified range officer, and chief range officer:

Because of the chapter's extensive new member orientation, and our standard range operating procedures (SORPs), all members completing the new member orientation and SORPs review and singing the SORPs acknowledgement form are issued a range badge. Chapter members holding a current (annual) range badge are considered to be "range officers". As such, they may shoot unsupervised on any of our club ranges when the ranges are open. They may also "supervise" individual guests on these ranges, on a one-on-one shooter basis. All range badges are numbered and are issued to individual members on an annual basis. Range badges expire on December 31 of the year issued.

The chapter also has a total of 32 NRA Certified Range Officers, who have completed the NRA Certified Range Officer trading. These chapter certified range officers, who have been issued unique range badges indicating their special status, have more authority regarding range use than chapter members who hold only regular range badges. Chapter certified range officer badges are issued annually, as long as the NRA certification remains current.

At this time, the chapter has only one chief range officer. The chief range officer is fully NRA certified and trains our certified range officers, as well as provides other range safety training. The chief range officer has been issued a unique range badge indicating his position.

The Mt. Airy Chapter, IWLA, is extremely conscious of the need for effective range safety, and requires all members holding range badges to be thoroughly indoctrinated in our standard range operating procedures, and thus, at the very least, become range officers. Additional safety training and completion of the NRA Certified Range Officer training is encouraged.

Range Rules

Amendment to current range rules effective 4-1-10


1) When you use the range, range rules must be followed!

2) Do not lock the gate when you go to the range, just close the gate.

3) Do not block the range road with your vehicle.

4) You MUST have your range badge on your person and displayed.

5) When you sign in you must use your full 6 digit badge number.

6) If you bring a guest you must enter their name. Name should be printed and clearly readable.

7) You must pick up your brass and trash and remove the targets from the backers

8) Only paper targets no larger than 24"X 24" can be used except at 200+300 yds.

9) On the pistol range, NO SHOOTING CLOSER THAN 10 YARDS.

10) Willful destruction of the ranges will not be tolerated. Shoot only at targets on the backers.


Range rules are posted at the ranges. These must be read prior to using the range and abided by at all times. Failure to observe the range rules can result in expulsion from the club. Range badges must be worn at all times on the range.


Title File Updated date
Guest Release_2017 PDF icon Guest_Release_2017.pdf 03 Feb 2017
2017 Mt. Airy IWLA Membership Application PDF icon IWLA-Membership-application.pdf 10 Jan 2017
2017 RSO Class Requirements PDF icon 2017 RSO cal001.pdf 19 Dec 2016
Member / Club Release Form PDF icon MtAiry-IWLA-member-release.pdf 14 Nov 2012