Izaak Walton League - Mt Airy Chapter

Membership Process

Procedures to Apply for Membership

Membership is open to the public and applications can be submitted in February through October of each year. All phases of this process must be completed in person by the applicant.

I. Initial Prospective Member Contact – Introductory Meeting:

  • Prospective Members will come to a monthly membership meeting (from February to October) with their sponsor in accordance with Section IV below. You must show up 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  • The Prospective Member will request an “Applicant Work Card” from the membership secretary. Contact information will be logged for the Prospective Member.
  • An email will be sent to the Prospective Member, and their sponsor, with an introduction and a copy of these procedures.

II. Conditional Work Requirements for Applicants to be considered for membership:

  • All applicants must completed a minimum four (4) hours of work as a precondition to applying for Probationary Membership;
  • The hours can be completed in supporting a Club sponsored event, a mandatory workday event, or such other work as defined by the Executive Committee;
  • Conditional work hours shall be defined and assigned by the Executive Committee, who will ensure the opportunities for these work hours are aligned with the applicant’s capabilities;
  • The four (4) work hours must be completed prior to submitting the membership application;
  • The “Applicant Work Card” must be signed by the appropriate Committee Chairperson and attached to the membership application at the time of submission

III. Application Process

  • The membership process shall be completed in accordance with Article II of these ByLaws;
  • In consultation with their sponsor, Applicants may submit a membership application and petition for membership at a monthly Club membership meeting held between February and October  of each year;
  • Applicants must include payment of the current “Working Participant” annual dues amount at the time of their membership application submission;
  • The Applicant’s sponsor shall review the submission (application, work hours,and dues) for correctness, and if approved, submit it to the Membership Secretary prior to the start of the monthly membership meeting;
  • During the new members portion of the Club’s monthly membership meeting, the Applicant’s sponsor will introduce the Applicant to the members in attendance;
  • The Applicant will provide a brief statement to the members on why they would like to join the Club;
  • Applicant review and membership approval shall be conducted consistent with Article II of these ByLaws;
  • If granted Probationary Membership status, the provisions of Article II, section 2(h) of the ByLaws shall apply;
  • All Probationary Members must participate in and successfully complete “New Member Orientation” and the Club’s “Range Safety Officer” course, along with any additional training subsequently approved and published by the Executive Committee;
  • Upon completion of all training requirements, a Probationary Member Range Badge shall be issued.
  • After the probationary period, in accordance with the Bylaws, Article II, 2g, full membership is granted.

IV. Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • All sponsors for applicants must be a Club member in good standing for a minimum of two (2) years;
  • Sponsors shall brief applicants on the procedures for applying for Club membership prior to their participation in an introductory meeting;
  • Sponsors are responsible for reviewing the Applicant’s membership application prior to submission to the Membership Secretary, and ensuring that all requirements have been complied with (such as, the four (4) work hours prior to submission and payment of the appropriate dues);
  • In addition to the Sponsor vouching for the Applicant, they shall accompany and mentor the applicant throughout the application process. This includes, but is not limited to, club orientation, rules and regulations, work details, etc.;
  • Current Club Members may only sponsor two (2) new members per calendar year. The Executive Committee can make exceptions to this limitation, for cause, on a casebycase basis.